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Activmember perks

At Proactiv we want to make your life a little easier. As a Proactiv subscriber, you’ll enjoy benefits from convenient delivery right to your door to exclusive discounts, special promotions and insider access to our latest product launches. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

Enjoy Our Subscribe + Save Plans

Once you’ve selected your Proactiv kit, there’s no need to reorder product each month. We’ll deliver a fresh supply to your doorstep automatically, every 3 months. This means you’ll never go without Proactiv, resulting in clearer skin for longer.

Be in Control

Manage your account and enjoy complete access to your subscription, any time. Make profile updates, change the products in your kit or adjust your shipping schedule without missing a beat.

Customise Your Kit

Need to make a tweak to the products in your kit? No problem. The best part? You can select the products that work best for your skin so your kit is as unique as you.

Get Monthly Promotions

Check your inbox for discounts on your favourite Proactiv products each month.

Shop at Subscriber Discounts

Shop our full catalogue of products at our subscriber-only discount – up to 30% off. Plus, you’ll enjoy additional promotions just for being a subscriber.

Schedule Your Shipments

Too little product? Receiving shipments too often? Speed up or slow down shipments as needed. It’s easy to streamline your acne routine.

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