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Teenage breakouts

You're not alone

Teenage Breakouts

Your skin is a living, breathing organ. It’s constantly shedding dead cells and producing oil, and has been since you were born. So what’s the deal with teenage breakouts? Your hormones and genetics play a big part. Just remember, it's not your fault and you can fight it.

You're not alone

One of the most important – and helpful – things you can learn about blemishes is this: It can and does happen to anyone through no fault of their own. And contrary to what you have heard, acne is not caused by eating chocolate or fried foods. It’s also not caused by not washing your face enough or by working out too much. The main culprit is actually a combination of genetic factors at work deep inside your skin – namely, excess oil and excess dead skin cells. Teen breakouts are so common because active hormones are a primary cause of excess oil.

But while the cause of pimples are complex, you still have the power to clear and prevent future breakouts. It may seem impossible, but even if you’re dealing with a face full of pimples, your skin can be clear.  You just need information you can trust and have an effective skincare regimen. And ask your parents for help. Have a read of our tips and how your parents can help in the How to get clear skin section of our website.

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