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Skin Care Products - See Our Proactiv Product Range

Discover the right skin care products for your skin from among the Proactiv product range. We have developed and designed our skin care products to work with your body and help contain, manage and prevent pimples and acne breakouts from occurring.

Make your selection from a range of Proactiv regimens and systems which help you to target specific breakouts, help you develop a strong daily cleansing routine, manage breakouts anywhere on the body, and help to promote a clear and healthy complexion for all types of skin types.

Develop your daily cleansing, moisturising, and makeup routine with Proactiv and potentially find your way to clear, beautiful skin.

  • 3 Step System

    3 Step System

    The Proactiv system fights existing pimples and helps minimise new ones from forming, keeping skin clearer for longer.

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  • Cleanse


    A good cleanser is important for blemish prone skin and helps remove impurities and unclogs pores.

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  • Moisturise


    Blemish prone skin needs moisture too! These soothing products are designed to keep skin hydrated without clogging pores.

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  • Skin Problem Solvers

    Skin Problem Solvers

    Blackheads? Stubborn spots? Find a solution here.

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  • Body Care Products

    Body Care Products

    Breakouts can strike anywhere. Check out these specially formulated products for all over clean skin.

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  • All Products

    All Products

    View the full range of Proactiv products.

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