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About Proactiv

Our story

Proactiv was one of the first companies to revolutionise the way we look at acne care with our Combination Approach to getting breakouts under control. We have always found that the strategy of clearing and minimising future breakouts helps to deliver superior results for our customers.

Our Combination Approach is a dual acting method which provides you with an effective, multi-step skincare regime together with powerful acne-fighting benefits. Proactiv helps to target acne at every stage of the cycle, helping to stop current breakouts in their tracks and new ones from forming. It’s recommended by dermatologists for a reason — it works!

Each of the ranges in the Proactiv family uses the Combination Approach to help you address your skincare needs. To get the clearer, healthier-looking skin you’ve always wanted, try Proactiv today and see the difference a Combination Approach can make for you.

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