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Kendall Jenner is not only a member of one of the most famous families in the world, she’s also a celebrity in her own right and one of the most successful international fashion models. But, everything hasn’t always been perfect for Kendall, especially when it comes to her skin.

“Since my early teens, I’ve struggled with bad skin, which made me feel insecure and helpless. I feel as humans we don’t share our insecurities enough, because we live in a time when having everything look and be perfect is the norm. We live our lives online, picking the best moments to post. I want to show […] that it’s not always perfect.“

Kendall Jenner

Kendall | Proactiv

After the Golden Globes in 2018, Kendall found herself in the middle of a very public discussion about her skin. She was very heavily criticised on the state of her breakouts, across various social media platforms. Soon, however, the initial negativity from the event slowly began switching to sympathy and support for Kendall. This support from her fans fuelled something inside Kendall – to look for the solution to fix her breakouts for good.

Exactly what your skin needs

Proactiv skincare systems are all about the am and pm routine. As a model, Kendall understands the importance of having a consistent skincare routine – and her results speak for themselves.

“Proactiv is really magical. What it can do for people is really amazing. It can change lives in the truest sense of the word!”

Kendall Jenner

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The Proactiv formula used by Kendall Jenner varies to the formula available in Australia and New Zealand.

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