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A good cleanser is important for blemish prone skin, and helps cleanse the skin of any impurities.
  • Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 177mL

    Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 177mL
    0 ratings

    This cleanser with 2.5% micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide clears blemishes, unclogs pores and exfoliates dull skin.

  • Cleanse - Step 1 (177mL)

    Cleanse - Step 1 (177mL)
    17 ratings

    One of Proactiv's core zit fighting products

  • Deep Cleansing Wash

    Deep Cleansing Wash
    0 ratings

    Contains Salicylic Acid to clear and help prevent blemishes all over your body.

  • Makeup Cleansing Wipes 45pk

    Makeup Cleansing Wipes 45pk
    0 ratings

    Gentle, disposable cleansing cloths designed to instantly remove makeup without water or rinsing.