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Now that I'm using Proactiv+ I mean, it's amazing the difference to my skin. It just glows after I use it

Transformation photos are a must

Nothing says "Proactiv+ works" like a good before and after. That’s why we encourage you to take a photo now, before you start using our products. With it, you can track your progress and witness your success. So get started and we’ll send you a FREE GIFT as nothing makes us smile more than seeing the results our products bring. 

Tips for a good photo

  • Remove all makeup, jewelry, etc. Pull hair back.
  • Avoid camera flash by turning on all available light. Natural sunlight is best.
  • Make sure your front or side profile fills up most of the frame (see example above).
  • Take a few photos and pick the best one.

Send your photo and receive a gift

Send us your photo by submitting below, or email directly to and we'll contact you.

*Your privacy is very important to us. Your story and photos will not be shared without your full consent.

To submit your before and after photos, use the browse buttons to select the .jpg or .gif photos you wish to submit from your hard drive. Each photo should be no larger than 1MB in size.

Upload your before and after photos

To submit your video testimonial, use the browse button to select the video you wish to submit from your hard drive. The video should be no larger than 25MB in size.

Upload a video of yourself telling your story

You must be 18 years of age or older to submit a photo. If you are a minor, please have your parents submit a photo for you. We will notify you if you are selected for further consideration to appear in one of our Proactiv advertisements. By submitting your photos and the completed questionnaire to us, you authorise us to disclose both the photos and the information contained in your completed questionnaire to our production consultant(s) for the purpose of determining whether you will be selected to appear in one of our Proactiv advertisements. Other than for the purpose stated above we will retain your photos and completed questionnaire on file and will not disclose or use your photos or the information contained in your completed questionnaire for any other purpose without your express written permission. Please note that we do not return photos or completed questionnaires and all photos and completed questionnaires submitted to us become the property of The Proactiv Company Sàrl.

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