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Genuine Product

1. What is the Grey Market?
The grey market is the retailing of goods in a fashion that is not intended or approved by the manufacturer of the product. Although not illegal, grey market vendors are selling goods through unauthorised distribution channels so the authenticity or quality of the product cannot be guaranteed.
2. What are the risks?
Not knowing if the product you had purchased is genuine can be nerve-racking! Should the product be a counterfeit then you will not know what it is made from, and it may not work as it should. Or worse the ingredients may give you an allergic reaction. It will be difficult, if not impossible to find the individual who is responsible.

Products may be old and out of date; using products that are out of date can be wasting your money, especially with cosmetic products as they may lose their effectiveness. Remember you are applying it directly to your skin and it will get absorbed into your pores so don’t risk it!

No warranty. At Proactiv we offer a 60 Day Money Guarantee should you not be happy with the results of our Product. This guarantee is only available to customers who have purchased directly from The Proactiv Company.

Do not compromise on quality. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Ask yourself, why is it so cheap?

Buying from the Grey Market can create uncertainty when you should be enjoying your purchase. Don't be a victim of afterthoughts like: "Where did the product come from? Is it old? Is it authentic?"

At Proactiv we pride ourselves in the quality and reputation of our products. Our promise is to deliver products that work for you, with good customer service, timely shipping and genuine stock. The Proactiv Company is the sole authorised distributor of Proactiv in Australia and New Zealand, so we recommend that any purchases of Proactiv products be made with us. Any Proactiv products purchased outside of our channels cannot be guaranteed as to its authenticity or quality.

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