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5 ways to get fit in summer!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic summer break. Now that we are all back to our regular schedules it’s time to take a look at why summer is the best time to exercise.

We know it can be a chore but getting out in the sun and surf over summer can make even the biggest hater enjoy exercising. Summer brings with it some great ways to get your body into action- activities that aren’t around the rest of the year (unless you love the cold water!)

1) Stand up paddle boarding - What better way to build your core and get out on the water than getting on a stand-up paddle board (SUP)? Spending time on an SUP will help you balance, build up your core and build muscle in your arms and legs. Plus, you get to spend time on the water- what more do you need.

2) Surfing - Summer is the perfect time to learn to surf. If you have been thinking about it, book in some surfing lessons and tick of an item on your bucket list. Surfing is great for your core, balance and for working those arms!

3) Swimming - Swimming gives you an all body workout so it’s a great way to build your fitness. Whether you hit the beach pools, swim in the ocean or the local pool, swimming is the perfect antidote to those 40 degree days we have been having!

4) Beach Volleyball - Work on your ball skills by joining a beach volleyball team. Improve your gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination and your cardio fitness and the bonus is you can hit the surf after the game.

5) Sailing - Get out on the water, learn a new skill and build your fitness at the same time. Sailing can be challenging, but extremely satisfying, as you learn your way around a boat. It’s great for the arms and legs and it gets you out on the water. There are sailing clubs everywhere where you can sign up for lessons. Maybe you’ll discover a new passion. 

So, which sport are you keen to try? We hope you’re all having an amazing summer and next time we will be sharing the benefits of antioxidants.


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