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Getting through the party season!

Merry Christmas! The party season can be tough on our body, our mind and our skin- so here are five of our top tips to get through the holidays happy, healthy and ready to have fun!

1. One water, one wine - 
It can be easy to over indulge on the alcohol over the holidays so just remember to balance your alcohol intake with a lot of water, or come early January you will be feeling dehydrated and exhausted. Alcohol will dry your body out and lead to breakouts, dull skin, bags under the eyes and you just feeling generally yuck. So don’t forget the water!

2. Remember to exercise - 
There will be so, so much food over these next few weeks so don’t forget to move around a bit. You’ll feel so much better for it (and how else will you make room for more food!). Exercise helps digestion and circulation- so get moving, even if it’s just a walk or a swim after lunch.

3. Take sometime out - 
Christmas can be stressful, especially if you are a mum running the whole whole show. So don’t forget to take some time for yourself, in between the shopping, cooking and wrapping. Take a walk, ready a book, sit in the garden. Whatever helps you unwind and destress. 

4. Spread the love - 
Some people can really struggle over Christmas so make sure you are keeping an eye out for people in need. They might need a physical hand with something, or they might just need a friendly ear to listen. It can be a hard time of year for many people so be aware and try and make someone else’s life a little brighter these holidays. 

5. Practise mindfulness - 
It can be easy to go over the top with everything over the holidays. Excessive food, alcohol, presents- it can all be overwhelming. So this Christmas take the time to think- do I really need this? Don’t overspend, overeat or overdrink to live up to someone else’s expectations. You know what works for you.

Have an amazing Christmas break and we will see you in the new year!

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