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Get into the Christmas Spirit!

This week you are no doubt feeling in the Christmas spirit.  Unfortunately, along with all the elation and excitement comes a whole lot of hard work; there are presents to buy, people to see, food to prepare.
Don’t ruin your skin by getting stressed out – to prevent breakouts at this busy time of year use the Proactiv + 3 Step Kit.  Follow the 3 simple steps to clear and radiant skin with this kit that features blemish-battling ingredients.  The kit starts working from day 1 penetrating deep into pores to clear existing spots, prevent new ones and restore an even complexion.

On a more practical note, here are some of our tips to help you battle the Christmas stresses:
1. Make sure you don’t leave shopping until the last minute BUT if you find that you still have things to get then have a plan of attack.  Plan what you need and where to get it from and give yourself a budget.  Don’t overspend in a panic.
2. Pick a theme for your presents and stick to it for everybody – it might be pyjamas or photographs for all!  You might even save some money by buying in bulk and knowing what you are buying saves so much thinking time.
3. Shop online – you can even make use of coupons and codes to save yourself some money.
4. Get crafty and make your own gifts or wrapping paper and cards  – not only will you save money but you can give a gift that is truly personal.  Mums, you can even get the kids helping out!
5. Prepare your food in advance – lots of the meals or goodies that you will need for the Christmas festivities can be prepared well in advance of the big day and frozen.  This will save you time on Christmas Day and means that you can better spend the time with family and friends!
6. Plan a last-minute trip!  Why not get the family to go away together for Christmas – spend money that would otherwise be spent on gifts on a vacation somewhere and enjoy some quality time together. 

Come back again next week when we will be thinking about the New Year and reminding ourselves about the resolutions that we have made going into 2017!

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