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The Formal Is Now Here!

Hi beauty and skincare fans!

The formal is now here!  All that is left to do is get ready and go!  Last minute blips are normal though so don’t panic.  It’s never too late to make sure that you feel at your most confident and this week’s blog takes a look at fixing those final formal flaws and flare-ups.
So that there are no last-minute shocks for you, here are some of the things that could go wrong at the very last minute and the fixes that we recommend: 

- Overplucked brows: Don’t panic if you have now got bald brows!  You can fill them in with a brown pencil or brow kit complete with the tools you need for full, exquisite brows. 
- Last-minute pimples: In those last final days leading up to your formal you can use Proactiv+ Mark Fading Pads which help give your skin a clearer, brighter, more even-looking complexion. Each single-use pad helps to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate away rough dull layers revealing the new, smoother skin below. Use the pads for 5 consecutive days just before the night transform dull skin to radiant skin. Remember there is also the Proactiv+ Clear Blemish ReliefThis invisible spot treatment with 5% benzoyl peroxide has been designed to attack problem pimples on the spot! So if spots occur at the last minute, don’t panic we’ve got you covered.
- Too much perfume: If you have gone too crazy and over-sprayed your perfume, then you can rub a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol (available in pharmacies) and this will help make the perfume smell evaporate and less overpowering.
- A stuck zip on your dress or trousers: Rubbing graphite (like a pencil) on the problem area magically releases the zip!
- Flyaway hair: Pat down flyaways with some lip balm – not too much as it will be sticky!
- Deodorant stains on your outfit: You can use a nylon stocking to rub off deodorant stains.
- Streaky fake tan: Use lemon and baking soda to reduce streaky tan.
- Puffy eyes (you didn’t sleep the night before with excitement): Pop two teaspoons in the freezer and then hold them over puffy eyes to reduce the swelling or simply apply Proactiv+ Eye Brightening Serum.
- Runs in your stockings: Clear nail polish can be popped on either side of the run and this will stop it spreading.
- Blisters: If you want to dance the night away, then you can rub a mini-stick of deodorant onto blister-prone areas to reduce friction.
If you have been following our blog to date, then hopefully by using the recommended products you will have avoided too many skin problems and our recommendations above should help you with any other potential problems too.

One final recommendation is that we recommend putting a little emergency pack together that will save you from having any last minute crises – we recommend taking a small superglue to stick on any sequins or beads that go array, safety pins for dress or corsage slip-ups, dress tape for any outfit problems.

OK, so we reckon that you are almost there – all that remains is to pop on your corsage, pick up or be picked up by your date, hop in your Hummer and get on the road to your formal! Enjoy!

We will be back with more tip-filled blogs next check in again then...

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