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Proactiv - Not just for teens

Hi there, quite often here at Proactiv we get the question, “but isn’t this just for teenagers?” Definitely not. Proactiv has been designed to help protect and repair your skin from breakouts, no matter what age you are.

Older skin needs protection as well. As we age our skin thins out and loses elasticity, so it’s just as important to look after older skin.

Adult Acne - At least 2/3 of adults suffer from acne*. It can be caused by things such as stress, contraceptive pills, menopause or even some medications. If you suffer from adult acne it’s important to adopt a regime that includes cleansing, treating and moisturising. The Proactiv+ 3 Step kit has everything you need to help manage adult acne. It is designed to give you type of blemish control you’d expect from Proactiv + added skincare benefits to enhance overall skin radiance. If you wear make-up look for brands that are non-comedogenic (which means they don't clog pores) or non-acnegenic (meaning they won’t cause breakouts)

Thinner, dryer skin - You may have noticed your skin becoming dryer and less elastic as you age. When your skin gets to this stage it’s important to choose products that won’t irritate or tear skin. Gentle exfoliators and silky rich moisturisers; like the our Complexion Perfecting Hydrator are the perfect companions for looking after blemished skin. You want something that is paraben free and hydrates well.

Sun Damage - It’s only as we age that sun damage really becomes clear. But you are never too old to start protecting your skin from the sun. It’s important to wear a good face moisturiser with an SPF, no matter if it’s sunny, cloudy, winter or summer. Did you know your face can even get sun damage just from driving to work every day, even with the windows up? So investing in something like our Oil Free Moisturiser, formulated with an SPF and specially designed for blemish-prone skin, will help prevent further skin damage.

So, as you can see here at Proactiv, we have the solution to help control breakouts at any age!

Next week we will be talking about stress free skin, see you then!

*Barnes LE, et al. Quality of life measures for acne patients. Dermatologic clinics. 2012 Apr 30;30(2):293-300

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