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5 tips for the teen who is new to makeup

Many of you will have teenage daughters who are at the stage where they want to start wearing makeup. Teenage girls these days have a whole lot more access to makeup tutorials thanks to YouTube, and gone are the days of badly applied make up in a strange shade of orange. Teenagers these days are contouring and highlighting like professionals, but they still need some guidance on what type of makeup is best for their skin, and how to care for their skin once they start wearing makeup.

So here are the five things they need to know...

1. Choose the right foundation for your skin - There are a lot of foundation options around now. You can use the classic liquid foundations, BB creams, mineral powder and many others. If your teen is prone to oily skin that breaks out often then she needs an oil free foundation that isn’t too heavy and blocks her pores. Look for products labelled ‘non-comedogenic’. Mineral makeup is also a great option for teens with acne prone skin as it is light and natural. If they want a thicker foundation look for one with salicylic acid as an ingredient, which will help manage acne.

A BB Cream is a great option for day to day wear. If your teenager has great skin then a thick foundation base isn’t necessary. All they need is a light BB cream coverage to even out their skin tone.

2. Less is more - Your skin is often the best it will be as a teenager (unless you are prone to acne) so, while your teenager may want to layer the makeup on, less is more for young skin. Steer them away from heavy foundation as it can look unnatural and the wrong stage. As mentioned above, a BB Cream is a good option, or a tinted moisturiser.  They may want a concealer for extra coverage, especially if they have a skin break out.

Lipgloss is a better alternative to lipstick, which can dry out the lips and is a harsher look than lipgloss. Look at a light mascara as well. These days most teens will want to use a contour stick and highlighter as well so guide them so they don’t end up with a look that is too harsh and heavy for every day.

3. A good skincare is essential - If your teen is wearing makeup then it’s essential that she have a good skincare routine in place. Makeup can clog pores and cause breakouts if it’s not removed daily, and it’s important to cleanse the skin properly and rehydrate it before applying the day’s makeup. The Proactiv+ Teen Kit has everything your daughter will need, including the three step system -  Skin Smoothing Exfoliator, Pore Targeting Solution, Complexion Perfecting Hydrator for cleansing, toning and moisturising plus, the Cleansing Body Bar to target body breakouts and the Clear Blemish Relief, a spot treatment for more stubborn pimples. 

4. Invest in real makeup brushes - Real makeup brushes are essential for anyone wearing makeup. Those tiny brushes that come with your makeup are useless and your teen will achieve a much more natural look with a real brush. However, make sure they wash them regularly because those brushes are covered with bacteria!

5. Use quality makeup brushes - Letting your daughter choose cheap and nasty dollar store makeup is going to dry out and damage her skin. If she wants to wear makeup then make a day of it and take her to the shops for some good quality basics. If you aren’t sure what she needs or what suit her many makeup brands offer a free makeup evaluation and tutorial if you spend a certain amount at their shop. But as a guideline start with; a light foundation or tinted moisturiser, some mineral powder, a soft pink blush, subtle eye shadows such as natural browns, natural mascara and a lipgloss. 

Hopefully these tips will help you get your daughter started on her makeup and skincare journey and help her build confidence within herself.

See you next week when we talk winter skin care!

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