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5 Ways To Get Skin That Glows!


Today we are going to chat about how to get glowing skin. We all want skin that looks like a Hollywood star’s, and we are going to share five steps that will make a huge difference.

1. A Healthy Diet - If you don’t eat well it will show up in your skin. Your whole body needs vitamins and minerals and the best way to get them is through lots of fresh fruit and veggies, lean meat and healthy fats. Eating too many heavy carbohydrates and processed sugar will leave you, and your skin, feeling flat and dull.

2. Slip, Slop, Slap - We’ve said it before and we will say it again, protecting your skin from the sun is the best thing you can do for it. Make sure you wear long sleeves, a big, floppy hat, sunglasses and a great SPF cream like the Proactiv Oil Free Moisturiser. Sun is the biggest cause of wrinkles and damaged skin so keep your skin safe!

3. Sleep - Sleep is essential for healthy skin. Every sleep deprived new mother knows just what a lack of sleep does to your skin. You break out, you dry out, and you get bags under your eyes. So get a good night’s sleep, and make sure you don’t always sleep with the heater or air conditioner on as both of these dry your skin out. If you aren’t getting enough sleep give our Eye Brightening Serum a try to cover up the dark circles. You’ve got to fake it ‘til you make it sometimes!

4. Don't Pick At Your Skin - If you are having a breakout the worst thing you can do is pick at your skin. We know you want to, but the best thing for it is to make sure you are cleansing properly and then you can use a product like the Proactiv Clear Blemish Relief cream to help get on top of the breakout.

5. Drink Alot Of Water - Healthy skin is hydrated skin. Water helps your skin with its natural moisturising, keeps your energy up and boosts your metabolism. On hot days you can even use a spritzer spray to keep your face hydrated. 

Well, that’s it from us this week. Keep happy and hydrated and we will be back next week with some more top skin tips. 

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