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Formals and Balls are Fast Approaching!

Hi beauty and skincare fans!

It’s that time of year when formals and balls are fast approaching….and you need to think about looking your best. There are potential pitfalls of looking glamorous though – what if you trip over your dress? What if you can’t tie your bow tie? What if your hairstyle just doesn’t work out? Well the best tip we can offer here is that practice makes perfect – so crack out those heels well before the event and wander around your house in them, learn how to walk in your long dress, get advice on how your hair looks best. Who wants a red carpet fail on formal night?!

None of us wake up with every hair in place, the perfect pout or show stopping defined eyebrows but we can all invest some time into perfecting our regime!

Our beauty and skincare blog is here to help you to look and feel your very best. We want to make your formal one of the best nights of your life.

Over the next few weeks we’ll suggest tips and provide advice for feeling fabulous at your formal. Let’s start this week with the early prep work - getting your skin in tip-top condition. With just over a month to go to the big night don’t panic, you have time to get your skin clean, clear and selfie ready. It’s important to have a regime when it comes to your skincare such as Proactiv’s 3 Step System. Each step builds from the previous step to deliver clear skin results, for longer. Proactiv works to help prevent future breakouts too so you really are taking control of your skin; and more importantly, taking the worry away of waking up on the day of your formal with a pimple! Many of our customers see results in 4-6 weeks so you have time, just be Proactiv. ;)

Here are some handy hints recommended by our beauty and skincare experts that can help you face your formal beautifully!

1. Mix orange with your concealer under your eyes for natural colour – add just a pinch of orange colour

2. Powder just the middle of your face to look better in those formal photographs that will be all over Instagram, Facebook and on your parents wall for years to come!

3. To catch the light on your face, add an illuminating product high up on your cheekbone, high on the bridge of your nose, on your cupid’s bow and on the tip of your chin. Sparkle in these areas will really lift your face.

Check back in with us next week as we chat further about beauty and skincare routines and tips on helping you all to look and feel fabulous whatever the occasion – or even when there isn’t an occasion!

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