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Back To School - 5 Skincare Tips For Your Busy Teen

Taking care of yourself is easy when you have all the time in the world but once you’re back at work things can slide in the rush. The same thing happens to our kids when they go back to school. Even the best of intentions can be lost when there is a rush of homework, school, extra curricular activities and friends. So it’s important we teach our teenagers quick ways to take care of their skin.

Here are some ideas on how help them to adopt good skin habits:
1. Keep their face cleanser in the shower - It’s so much easier to remember to cleanse when you can do it in the shower with the rest of you. It takes 5 seconds and you’re done!
2. Drink a lot of water - Teens can end up drinking way too much soft drink and juice so buy them a big drink bottle they can fill with water, it’s great for their brain, skin and hydration.
3. Eat Well - It can be easy for teens to turn to junk food and snacks when they are hungry but keeping the house filled with fresh healthy food will help them learn good eating habits and keep their skin clear as well.
4. Exercise - School can be so busy, especially for teens in their final years. They can be so overloaded with assignments and study that exercise can take a back seat. However, exercise will help them clear their head and concentrate, as well as help circulation for their skin. So some exercise every day is important.
5. Remove all make up before bed -  Most teenage girls wear at least some make up every day and it’s important to remove it before bed to prevent skin breakouts. A quick cleanse, tone and repair with our Proactiv for Teens kit will help keep their skin clear and clean.

With these five tips you’ll have your teen happy and healthy; with glowing, clear skin in no time!

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