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Time to Celebrate!

Hi beauty and skincare fans!

 Last week we gave you the tools to make the most of your time so that you can get all of life’s demands completed.  Hopefully this week you are feeling less stressed not least because your exams have finished and it’s time to celebrate.

We bet that you feel like you have been missing out on so many of life’s pleasures whilst you have been busy cramming for and then sitting exams so now it is time for you.  We have got some suggestions of things that you might do to celebrate:

1.       Have a Big Night Out -Gather your fave friends together and plan a night out – it could be a trip to the movies, your favourite restaurant or just a gathering at your house.  Whatever it is it’s time to let you hair down.

2.  Take a Trip to the Beach -The Summer is almost here so pack up a picnic and head to the ocean for a day of sun, sea and sand.

3. Go for Lunch with friends or family -Remember all of those people that you have had to neglect whilst busy studying and focusing on exams?  Well now is the time to thanks them for their support and get them all together over a yummy lunch.

4.   Catch-up on the whole series of your favourite TV show -Probably a whole series of your favourite show has passed you by whilst you have had your head in the books.  It’s time to grab that boxset, reserve your seat on the sofa and settle in for a marathon viewing experience. 

5. Start making plans for your Summer - It’s time to start thinking about how you are going to spend the long, lazy Summer…..perhaps you have plans to go travelling with your friends, or get a part-time job.  Now is the time to plan.

6.  Catch up on sleep! You have probably been burning the midnight oil in order to get everything done so now it is time to rest up a bit.  Get your full 8 hours a night and it is guaranteed to make you feel much better.

Come back again next week when we will be looking at resolutions for the New Year!

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