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Ten Top Tips To Make The Most Of Your Day – to grasp onto every second and make it count.

Hi beauty and skincare fans!

Last week we gave you the last-minute tips that you needed to ensure that you got the most out of your formal – we at Proactiv hope that if you have had your formal that you shone and felt your fabulous self and if it is still to come, well we hope that you enjoy it!

Now is the time of year when most of us are feeling at our most stretched – with school commitments, social commitments, party invites, work pressures.

We at Proactiv understand what it is like to feel pulled in all different directions.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day right?  We might be about to prove you wrong.  We have ten top tips to make the most of your day – to grasp onto every second and make it count.

  • Get 7-8 hours’ sleep per nightIt appears that those who get this amount of sleep each night wake up positive, refreshed and ready to tackle the tasks ahead.  Those who sleep more than 7 hours each night are more productive, happier and produce work of a higher quality. On the odd occasion when you aren’t getting much sleep we recommend Proactiv’s Eye Brightening Serum which is a rich serum featuring antioxidants, peptides and a unique moisturising complex designed to help nourish and protect the notoriously delicate eye area.  The brightening properties of Vitamin C and liquorice extract help to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

  • Rise and Shine EarlyOK so nobody likes getting out of bed in the morning BUT the earlier that you rise, the more you will get done as you extend the hours available to you in your day!  Early risers get more done and accomplish more on a day to day basis!

  • NEVER multi-taskSo sometimes you have a million things to do – homework, housework, kid stuff, social stuff BUT if you multi-task you are never giving your full attention to just one task.  It is far better to engage in a flow of activity.  Be totally focused and absorbed and you will work through your tasks quicker and more efficiently.  All multi-tasking does is shorten attention span and encourage mistakes!
  • Indulge in a Power NapA 20-minute power nap each day should rejuvenate you sufficiently.  It refreshes the brain and the body enough to keep you going!

  • Group Tasks TogetherPut your similar tasks into bunches and do them together – this entrenches your brain into a certain mindset allowing you to complete similar tasks at the same time or at least using ‘flow’.

  • ScheduleNever underestimate a plan – make yourself a list for the day. It enables you to allocate time to each and every task and plan ahead.

  • Work SmarterThe buzz words in every business!  Look at where you are wasting time – pontificating or dithering and do something about it!  Do you really need to spend that much time on Facebook or choosing what to wear?  Become more efficient with your time – it is precious so use it wisely!

  • Use ‘Dead Time’Speaking of working smarter think about how you could use time that would otherwise be wasted.  You are in a queue at the Post Office – now could be a good time to catch up on texts or emails.  If you have a long commute by train try to accomplish some of your daily tasks then.

  • Take Care of your Mental HealthTake care of yourself!  Your mind and body need to be looked after.  Be indulgent from time to time and set aside time for you.  You will feel replenished and not as begrudging if you do something for yourself here and there!

  • Learn to say No! - Sounds easy but it’s not!  We are all guilty of saying ‘yes’ – either for FOMO reasons or because we just don’t know how.  You don’t need to repeatedly say it to the same person about the same thing but exercise a bit of restraint when it comes to over committing yourself!

With Christmas around the corner it is probably time to use some of the tips above! 

Come back again next week refreshed and rejuvenated ready to celebrate the end of exams and the party season!

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