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How the Proactiv System Works

Proactiv is a blemish and skincare solution designed for the dual purpose of delivering clear skin + a radiant complexion. The three synergistic steps combine our most effective blemish control solution ever with advanced, effective skincare ingredients.

Smarter Way to Clear Blemishes

Exclusive encapsulated benzoyl peroxide with SMART TARGET technology is designed to guide the blemish-fighting ingredient off the skin's surface -- to help minimise dryness and irritation -- and deliver it with laser-like precision directly into pores, the target site for blemishes.

Built-In Hydration

Each step in Proactiv contains hydrating skincare ingredients formulated to attract, lock-in and help sustain healthy levels of moisture in your skin. With these and other enhancements to Proactiv, even people with blemish-prone skin can enjoy a beautiful complexion and the opportunity to achieve clear skin that looks visibly smooth, even-toned, bright and luminous.

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